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Assigning Multiple XBerts or Tasks to a Team Member
Assigning Multiple XBerts or Tasks to a Team Member

For moving XBerts or Tasks between team members in bulk.

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Easily bulk assign/reassign multiple XBerts or Tasks to your team members so they can be actioned.

When you’ve added your team members, you can start assigning XBerts and Tasks to them. To assign multiple XBerts or Tasks, you can filter your Work board to show just XBerts or Tasks.

1. Select whether you'd like to sort your Work board to XBerts/Tasks only and choose which Reporting Period the XBerts/Tasks you'd like to assign/reassign are in by using the Date Range Selector.
I.e the image below shows XBerts in the reporting period of June.

2. Select the Actions button on the Work Board.

3. Select Update Assigned User from the drop-down Actions button.

4. Select which XBerts/Tasks you would like to assign/reassign to a team member. Then, click NEXT.

5. Select the team member you would like to assign/reassign the chosen XBerts/Tasks to and click on the red Update button.

The chosen XBerts will now be assigned to the chosen user.

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