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How To: Use Client View to See Work Allocated Across Clients
How To: Use Client View to See Work Allocated Across Clients

For seeing the work by client

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You can easily see the distribution of Tasks and XBerts by the Client.

  1. From the Work board, select the Client View icon.


  2. You can look at the allocation of work by Client, each Client will have their own column. You can scroll through your client files across the top by moving the white bar down below or by using the Client Search function next to the client file names across the top.

  3. Use Filters to see Tasks or XBerts or both, My Items (assigned to You), and other Filters: Roles and Client Groups.

  4. The circles show how many unreconciled items there are in the accounting software with an XBert risk alert raised against it in every Client Column.
    You can see the exact number of unresolved XBerts in a specific process and also the total amount of unresolved XBerts for a client file at the bottom of each column.


  5. The Processes Column appears down the Left.

    Every Client Column shows items aligned to the Processes.


  6. Numbers in Black - the total number of items in a process (nothing overdue).


  7. The Coloured Circles indicate overdue items:

    The Red Number indicates how many items are overdue

    The darker the circle, the more items there are overdue in a process

    The Green Number indicates how many items are completed

    Green Circles with a checkmark icon - all items in that process are completed

Clicking on any of the number circles will take you to those specific items on the Work board.

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