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Overview: Client Plans
Overview: Client Plans

All details for your clients' plans in one place.

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  1. Go to the Clients board of your CONNECT Portal.

  2. Click on Client Plans, the fifth page of your Clients board.

The first column is the Client Search. This is a list of your clients.

By clicking on Client Search above the list of clients, you can use it as a text box to type in the name of your desired client instead.

The second column is Connection. This shows you what platform your clients are connected to XBert from.

The third column is Payroll. This column shows you whether the client has their payroll connected or not.

Connected shows a Tick icon, not connected shows a dash (-) icon.

The fourth column is Monthly Cost - the cost for each of your Client plans monthly.

The fifth and sixth columns are Units This Period and Average Per Month.

Units This Period - how many units during the month for a client.

Average Per Month - the average units per month for a client.

The seventh column is File Status. This shows whether a Client File is active or inactive.

The eighth column is Recommended Plan. This shows you the recommended plan for a client file.

The top right of your Client Plans page displays:

  • the number of connected clients you have

  • the amount of paying clients

  • the amount of CONNECT Users on your plan

  • the plan you're currently on and when it renews

  • your invoices and payment update

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