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Inviting Your Clients to Your XBert Client Console
Inviting Your Clients to Your XBert Client Console

How to invite your clients, user permissions and settings

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Each Client has an individual Client Console that lists their XBert, Tasks, and individual Reports.

You can Invite external parties such as the Client or their Accountant / Bookkeeper and they will only see this Client information.

There are Settings that can set permissions as well as Delete the Client file.

  1. Select a Client you want to access the Client Console for, from either the Clients Page...


  2. from the Client drop-down list.

  3. Once you're in the Client Console for a client, the Client Name will appear in the top right-hand corner.

  4. Menu / Users

  5. Here you can Invite Users into this individual Client Console, these will be Client Users. Any users from your CONNECT account that have access to this client will appear here as well as any Client Users you invite. Once you Invite a Client User, they will be sent an email to set up their account.

6. Here, you'll have to select a role for the user, either Admin or Non-Admin.

Non-Admin Client Users:
- Cannot add users
- Cannot see Reports if any reports were turned on via Connect Analytics.
- Cannot edit Settings - eg. deleting a client file.

- Someone who might use tasks for business but does not have access to financial data.

*If it's the business owner that you're adding, we suggest you set them as an Admin*

7. In the panel menu for an individual Client, you can access Settings.

8. In Client settings, you can:

  • View the client's Accounting Software

  • View the client's Address

  • edit a Client's XBert Settings to hide XBerts and Tasks from Client users (unless they are specifically assigned to them).

  • Delete the client's XBert account - this will remove all XBerts and Tasks set against this Client in completed, current and future.

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