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Overview: The Client Console
Overview: The Client Console

For each client there is an individual client console

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Each Client has an individual Client Console that lists their XBert, Tasks, and individual Reports.

You can Invite external parties such as the Client or their Accountant / Bookkeeper and they will only see this Client information.

Some Settings can set permissions as well as Delete the Client file.

First of all, you want to make sure your Client Console is turned on for a client file.

  1. If you've got your Client Console turned on for a client, you can access the client console from the main page of the Clients board, which is the Client Insights page.

    You can access the Client Console by simply hovering over the name of a client.

    By doing this, the options for a sorted Work list and the Client Console will appear.


  2. If you don't have the Client Console turned on for a client, you'll have to turn it on from the Client Settings page. This is the third page option on the left-hand side of your screen on the Clients board.

    From here, make sure your Client Console is turned on.

    Now, click on the icon of an arrow in a box under the Console Link column.

    This will take you directly to the Client Console of a client.

    The Client Name will appear in the top right-hand corner.

  3. The Processes menu is the first list, on the far-left of your work list, and your Items will show in the body of the page. These will default to the List view.

You can also view your tasks in Tile View.

6. The Date Range Selector is across the top.

7. The Filters and Search bar.

8. You can access set Snapshots, giving you a quick glimpse at the numbers your client would like to keep an eye on.

9. Reporting - for deep insights into your client data.

10. Menu / Users

Here you can Invite Users into this individual Client Console, these will be Client Users.

Any users from your CONNECT account that have access to this client will appear here as well as any Client Users you invite.

Once you Invite a Client User, they will be sent an email to set up their account.

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