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Client Communication via the Client Console
Client Communication via the Client Console

For communicating with your client via XBert

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Each Client has an individual Client Console that lists their XBert, Tasks, and individual Reports.

  1. You can Invite external parties such as the Client or their Accountant/Bookkeeper and they will only see this Client's information.

  2. After you invite your clients, check that you're happy with the Client User Notification Settings.

  3. Once the client users have joined, you can start to assign XBerts and assign a task to a client.

  4. When a Client User is assigned an XBert or Task, the user will be sent an email letting them know there are items that they need to action.

    The link in the email will take them to the item that needs to be actioned.
    They will be sent an email each time there is an item to action.

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