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How To: Sign Up for XBert

Follow these steps to start your free trial.

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You have 3 options to sign up for XBert and start your free 14-day trial.
You can sign up with Google, Xero, or Intuit or create an account with XBert.

  1. Select a sign-up method

    1. Sign Up with Google - From Google, select the account you want to use for signing up.
      Note: When you want to sync files you will also need to log in to your accounting software.

    2. Sign Up with Xero - Use your Xero sign-in details to register.
      Note: This is recommended for users with Xero accounting files.

    3. Sign Up with Intuit - Use your Intuit sign-in details to register.

  2. Sign up to XBert directly, enter your email address and proceed.

  3. Next, enter your Name and create a Password.

  4. Enter your Company Name and details

  5. Select the type of accounting software you would like to connect.

    Your account is now created and your files will now be syncing!

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