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How To: Log in with Another Email Address
How To: Log in with Another Email Address

For if you need to use another email that isn’t your original XBert log ins.

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To log in to XBert using another email address, you can pick from the sign in methods on the log in page -

If you don’t have any of these accounts set up yet, you can create a new Google account using your original email address (e.g. Xero email address) following the instructions here.

After your new Google account is created, you can use the log ins on XBert -

  1. Select Sign in with Google & select the new account you’ve created then you’re good to go.

If you log in to XBert this way, your Xero and Google log-ins will be automatically merged and linked to your account.

This is the same if you use your Intuit as well (it will merge a Google login with your existing Intuit login).

Now, you can use Xero, Google, or Intuit to access your account since it's now merged with your XBert logins.

TIP: If you used Xero to set up XBert, you might try & use your Xero username and password to log in. Due to security concerns, we do not support this. So, this login method would be a great alternative.

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