Understanding XBert Pricing
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Our pricing is designed to align with the value we deliver to you and your clients:

XBert Practice Management (Client Workflows):

*includes FREE installation of XBert workflow templates

  • Seat-based pricing for you/your staff managing their day-to-day workflow processes via XBert Practice Management – FIRST USER NO LONGER FREE

  • Standard pricing per user at A$29 per user per month when paid annually (otherwise A$34.80 per month when paid monthly)

XBert AI Audit for your Client Files:

Activity volume-based pricing for your client files:

How are Activities measured?

  • An Activity is any data entry in your accounting file that generates a journal entry, including Sales, Purchases, and Payroll Entries.

  • On annually paid plans, the Activity volume carries over and accumulates each month to even out busier and slower months throughout the year.

What happens if a Client File exceeds its Activity volume limit?

  • If a file goes over the Activity volume limit for its plan for one month and by less than 100%, XBert will recommend an upgrade, but allow the file to stay active

  • On an annual plan, the above conditions have to be met and the file has to have used up the full annual Activity volume allocation of the plan before XBert will require an upgrade

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