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Checkout and Billing

For selecting your plans and payment options

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XBert billing is flexible and offers value to all users. From single business owners to large bookkeeping teams.

The following information is how you can purchase XBert, check out files, pay for the files you want and switch between plans.

The outline of the Value Proposition and Pricing is included here.

To activate your files or users head to the Plans and Pricing Page here, or follow the steps below...

  1. In your XBert CONNECT Portal, click on the Panel Menu (hamburger icon) on the top right.

  2. Select Plans and Pricing

  3. You will be taken to your Plans and Pricing Page.

    By default, Clicking on Select All will be selected on the Monthly Plan.

    The payment summary tile is on the right-hand side of the screen and it displays a breakdown of the users, the files, the total and a Pay Now button.

  4. To add or remove files from your selection, tick or untick the files in the list.

    The payment summary and the total will automatically update to reflect your selection changes.

  5. On the payment summary tile, the number in bold is your total to pay.
    The faint number is a comparison.
    The more files you have to pay for, the higher your total.

  6. You can toggle between the Annual Plan and the Monthly Plan.

  7. Both will show you a comparison of the Monthly Payment and Annual Cost.

  8. Take a closer look at the other columns of the Plans and Pricing Page and you can see further details for your files.

    The Monthly Cost column displays the plan a client file will fall into.

    The Activities This Period column shows the number of activities each client has reached during the current month's payment period, (out of how many activities are on their current plan).

    The Average Per Month column allows you to see the activities for each client averaged out over a rolling 4-month period.

    If a client's file exceeds the activity in their plan 4 months in a row or exceeds 100% of the plan in 1 month, the file is then locked and will need to be upgraded.

    The File Status column shows the following:
    In-trial: All new users who sign up are on a 14-day trial of the product.
    All active customers get a 7-day trial window for newly connected files.

    Active: the file is included in your paid plan and you can access it.

    Locked: Files will be locked at the end of their trial period (14 days for all new users, 7 days for existing paying users that add new files. They will be locked until they upgrade.

  9. Pay Now - When you have selected the files and users you want to add to your plan, select Pay Now.

  10. You will be taken to the payment details page to confirm your details and Pay.

  11. Your credit card will be charged and an invoice will be emailed to you.
    You will be charged again according to the period you selected, Monthly or Annually.

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