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New Pricing: Notes for Legacy Customers
New Pricing: Notes for Legacy Customers

What's changed and how to add new users and new client files.

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We have recently updated our billing and plans which changes the way Legacy customers Add New Users and Add New Files in XBert. As a Legacy pricing customer, here is what's changed:

Adding new users to a Legacy plan.

You can add new users the way you always have. When you select the Send Invitation button you will be taken to a screen with the following message:

Please Note: this is a hard-coded message and if you are on a legacy plan, you have unlimited users and your credit card will NOT be billed for new users when you click Confirm.

Adding new files to a Legacy plan.

You can also add new files the same way that you always have, however now you get access to new files FREE for 7 days. To keep these files active, you must manually upgrade new files to paid files during or after the trial, or the file will be Locked. Files are then locked for 17 days and if they are not upgraded in that time they will be deleted. If a file is added again after it has been deleted, it will be locked straight away for another 17 days and if it is not upgraded by then it is deleted again.

To upgrade a file to a paid file, on the Pricing Page follow the steps below...

  1. Select the individual file upgrade button. The payment summary tile will automatically update to reflect your selection.

  2. If you select Pay Now you will be charged a pro-rated amount for new file/s from today's date until your next monthly billing period. The price you will pay for all new files is the same price you have historically paid.

  3. You will be taken to the payment details page to confirm your details and Pay.

  4. Your credit card will be charged and an invoice will be emailed to you.

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