How To: Unlock a File

For files that have exceeded their existing plan.

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XBert billing is flexible to offer value to all users, from single business owners to medium and large bookkeeping teams.

If this is your first time here check out How XBert Billing Works.

To proceed to unlock your file/s head to the Plans and Pricing Page.

  1. Go to the panel menu (hamburger icon) on the top right of the CONNECT Portal.

  2. Select Plans and Pricing.

  3. You will be taken to your Plans and Pricing Page.

    Any files that need to be unlocked will have an 'Unlock' button on them.

    The lock only appears if you have never purchased the plan.

    Note: Once it is a connected file and goes over the free trial period, it locks to alert you that you need to unlock it.

  4. While your files are locked, they will still appear on your Work board and in your Work list items, they will be identified with the lock icon. If you attempt to open the Work list items, you will not be able to access the item and will be prompted to unlock the file.

  5. If you select to unlock a single file the pricing summary will reflect this. You will be invoiced for the pro-rated amount for that file between now and your next billing cycle.

  6. Once your pricing is adjusted select Pay Now and complete your billing details.

  7. Your credit card will be charged and an invoice will be emailed to the email address you entered on the payment page. You will be charged again according to the period you selected, Monthly or Annually.
    โ€‹Note: You must pay for all files on the same plan, all your files can be either monthly or annually, not a combination of both.

The outline of the value proposition and pricing is included here.

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