Draft Time Report
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This allows you to check your team's Actual Time which has been drafted but not committed. This report will make monitoring your team's work easy and make sure your team members have committed their Actual Time.

The Clock icon in the top right corner of the CONNECT Portal allows you to start a timer to track your actual time or commit actual time for a task easily.

Start Timer

Commit Time
Time committed will not show up in the Draft Time report.

Start Timer

You can pause your Draft Time as well as resume it or delete it. You can also edit it by clicking the pencil icon on your timer. This will allow you to set it as billable or not billable, change the due date, select a Task or XBert for the time committed and add a note as well.

Selecting a Task or XBert to update or commit the Actual Time will save it automatically in the task.

*Time that is not committed will be considered Draft Time.*

This is important because monitoring your team's committed Actual Time is crucial for tracking their productivity and progress. You can now check draft time under the new Draft Time report in the Analytics board.

Here's a breakdown of the Draft Time report:

  1. Client

    • See which client the time was committed to.

  2. User

    • The team member who committed the time.

  3. Target

    • Whether the actual time was for an XBert or a Task.

  4. Is Playing?

    • This refers to the timer of the Actual Time being committed. If the timer is still going, it will say True. If it is paused or not active, it will say False.

  5. Mins/Hours

    • Duration of the time committed.

  6. Start Time

    • Date and time of when the timer was started.

  7. XBert Link

    • Clicking the chain icon will take you straight to the CONNECT Portal link for the Task or XBert the time was committed for.

  8. Type

    • Billable or not billable

  9. XBert/Task

    • The title of the XBert or Task the time was committed for.

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