Bank Feed Line

For monitoring unusual transactions.

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The Bank Feed Line is an essential component for managing and analysing bank statement data, such as bank account name or currency.

The AI will only look back at 12 months' worth of data.

โ€‹Key Properties:

  1. Bank Statement ID: Unique identifier assigned to each bank statement.

  2. Bank Account Name: Name of the bank account.

  3. Bank Account Currency: Currency used in the bank account.

  4. Transaction Date: Date of the transaction.

  5. Amount: Amount of the transaction.

  6. Description: Description of the transaction. e.g. "Payment Received"

  7. Reference: Reference associated with the transaction.

  8. Is Reconciled: Indicates whether the transaction is reconciled.

  9. Balance: Current balance of the bank account after the transaction.

  10. Creation Time: Date and time when the bank statement record was created.

Example Alerts

Any transactions that are not reconciled and are older than five days.
Alert me if a transaction from ATO has not happened in Jan or Feb.
Alert me when the total amount for a transaction exceeds $10,000.
Alert me when any transactions are not reconciled and are older than 60 days.
Let me know when I do not have a payment from Superchoice in January, April, July or October.
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