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For leveraging these alerts and effectively managing bank accounts.

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The Bank Account helps manage information related to bank accounts. It stores details like names, balances, and the last time it was used.

The AI will only look back at 12 months' worth of data.

Key Properties:

  1. Account Code: Code associated with the account. e.g. "123456"

  2. Account Name: Name of the bank account. e.g. "Business Checking"

  3. Status: Current status of the account.

  4. Description: Description of the account.

  5. Account Classification Name: Classification name of the account.

  6. Account Type Description: Description of the account type.

  7. Account Type: Type of account.

  8. Bank Account Name: Name of the bank associated with the account.

  9. Bank Account Number: Bank account number.

  10. Currency Code: Currency code used for transactions. e.g. "AUD"

  11. Current Balance: Current balance of the account. e.g. "$900,000.00"

  12. Last Transaction Date: Date of the last transaction. e.g. "15/12/2023"

  13. Three Month Total Trans: Total number of transactions in the last three months.

  14. Three-Month Average: Average transaction amount in the last three months.

  15. Creation Time: Date and time when the bank account record was created.

Use Bank Transactions if you are after the transactions that have happened in a Bank Feed. This Problem area is about the Bank Account itself.

Example Alerts

Let me know if the last transaction date is over 30 days old.
Alert me when there have been no transactions for more than a week.
Alert me when the balance of {an account name} drops below $100,000.
Create an alert if the last transaction date is older than 20 days.
Create an alert if a bank account's current balance drops below $3000.
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