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How To: Invite Team Members

For adding users to your XBert team.

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You can easily invite your Team Members to XBert.

You can assign XBerts and Tasks and have clear visibility of where your team is up to at any given time.

To add new users you can invite them via the CONNECT Users Page, or follow the steps below...

  1. Go to the panel menu on the top right of your XBert portal.

  2. Select the CONNECT Users

  3. On your Users Page select Invite Users.

  4. Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.
    Note: a user invited here can access multiple client files. To give a user access to a single client file see How To: Invite Your Clients into XBert.

  5. Set Admin Role to be Admin or Non-Admin.

    Only Admin users can access, view, and edit the settings, including:

    - CONNECT Settings (business name, logo, payment details)

    - Processes (add, edit and remove)

    - XBert Automation (align XBerts to Processes)

  6. Select the Client Access Permissions you wish for this user.

    There are 4 access permissions options. Read more here.

    • You can choose to match the user's Xero permissions so they can access and edit what they have access to in Xero.

    • Users will have access to all connected MYOB files.

    • Users will have access to all connected QuickBooks files.

    • Users will have access to only selected client files.​

  7. Link to Xero Practice Manager (XPM)

    This will allow you to link the user profile to a staff member who is a part of your team on XPM, this will allow auto-pushing of time committed by the user to the XPM Job Task that the XBert task is linked to.

7. Save and Send Invitations - this will send an invitation to any user that you added.

8. You will be prompted to pay for the users that you just added. If you click Confirm, your existing credit card on file will be charged. All users are free during your trial period.

9. The email will be sent. Users will need to activate their account before you can assign Roles, Tasks, and XBerts to them.

This is what the email looks like:

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