You can easily invite your Team Members into XBert and collaborate.

You can assign XBerts and Tasks and have clear visibility of where your team is up to at any given time.

To invite team members

  1. Go to the panel menu on the top right of your XBert portal.

  2. Select the CONNECT Users

  3. On your Users Page select Invite Users.

  4. Invite users and grant them access to your XBert account.

    • Users will have access to all connected MYOB files.

    • Users can have full or limited access to Xero files.

    • You can choose to match their Xero permissions.

  5. Enter their Name, Email address and decide whether to allocate administrator permissions.

    1. Administrators see all financial snapshots and charts and can view and edit User permissions and Business Settings such as updating payment details.

  6. Send Invitation

  7. Your team member will receive an email with a Registration Link to Sign up to XBert.

  8. Once your Team Member has registered you will be able to start Assigning Tasks and XBerts as well as setting a Role against your Clients.

If you're looking to invite in your client contacts this must be done via their individual client consoles.

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