XBert's groundbreaking browser extension notifies you in real-time of any risks or tasks associated with that Xero entry - while you work in Xero!

As users move around Xero and review entries such as invoices, bills, contact records and more, XBert alerts are cross-checked, and you’ll know straight away if there's a problem with that Xero entry.

You can get the XBert extension for

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge.

Compatibility with other browsers is coming very soon.

Once you install the extension it will appear on your toolbar. Then log in to Xero and XBert in the same browser to easily stay on top of any risks to your business or your client’s business, and to view, manage, and create tasks.

When using the extension:

The notification count at the top means you won’t miss a thing.

Notification Count

View and switch between existing tasks or be taken to the Xero entry to fix the issue and resolve the risk.

You can also create new XBert tasks. Add...



assign yourself or a team member and

set a due date.

Once saved, the task will be associated with that Xero entry and appear under MY TASKS for you, or the person you assigned, until it is completed and FILED in XBert. Once created, the task will also appear on XBert’s TASKS dashboard for this organisation.

Create and Assign Tasks that go to XBert

Clicking on the extension icon opens a window with a summary of the issue or task and tells you who’s assigned. You can fix the issue straight away by selecting RESOLVE. Select OPEN XBERT or OPEN TASK for more detail and to make changes like update the due date or assignee. You’ll be prompted to log in to XBert if you aren’t already.

Remember, within XBert any risk alert or task associated with a Xero entry has a deep link so that you can quickly resolve any issues directly. Just click on RESOLVE on an XBert alert or ACCOUNT LINK on a task.

Tasks and Alerts from Browser Extension in Xero

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