How To: Create a Template

For all your regular recurring workflow tasks

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Templates are how you manage your recurring tasks within XBert. A Template allows you to create a set of instructions that can be set repeatedly.

Adding a Schedule allows you to apply a Template to any of your Clients, at any recurring frequency.

  1. Create a Template - go to the Automation Page.

  2. Select + Add Template on the right.

  3. The Template details field will open up.

  4. Template Information is across the top which shows the created / last modified information.

  5. Step Number - If you have a task that you need to split across multiple steps, this will partner with the Group Name and show up as e.g. BAS Step 1 and BAS Step 2. This is useful if you want the tasks to be created at the same time, but have different steps. These are both OPTIONAL.

  6. Task Title is required and will be the name that displays on the Work list items and the task tile.

  7. Resolve Link - You can link to a website. The link will be the same on every task. If you want links that are specific for clients, then add Notes.

  8. The Description will appear on all tasks as an overall description. Enter it in the text editor field, you can format using the editing tools as well as adding links in this section.

  9. Processes - All templates must sit under one of the existing processes, select a process from the drop-down list.

    Status - All templates must have a status added to them, select a process from the drop-down list.

  10. Note Tag - If you have already set this up for your template, you can select it from the drop-down list.

  11. Subtasks will appear as tickable checkboxes within the task. Select Add to add a new subtask and enter the name. Use the Bin icon to delete.

  12. Subtasks can include Additional Information. Select i to open the field, enter your additional information, and then close.

  13. Subtasks can link to a Note, select the Note icon and then select a Note Tag from the list.

  14. Add Attachments by selecting the Add button, Dragging and dropping, or Pasting into the attachments field. Delete the attachment using the Bin icon, Download the attachments using the download image. Note: attachments will appear on all tasks.

  15. Save your template.

Your Templates will all appear on the Templates Page and can be found under the Processes.

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