When you invite your team to join your XBert account you can select them to have Unrestricted Access or Xero Restricted access.

Xero Restricted access will allow a user to only view what they have access to in Xero.

They will be restricted from viewing, accessing, editing or being assigned XBerts

or tasks for any clients they don't have Xero access to. They will also not have access to the client console of clients they don't have access to.

If you have MYOB or QuickBooks clients there is currently no restriction available. So any user, (Xero restricted or not) can view, access, and edit tasks and XBerts for all synced MYOB and QuicBbooks files. This does not mean they can access their accounting file, or make any changes to the accounting file.

In addition to restrictions, invited CONNECT users and client users have a second layer of access, they can be an Admin user or a Not Admin user.

Only CONNECT users and client users with Admin access can view and edit the settings, including:

- CONNECT Settings (business name, logo, payment details)

- Processes (add, edit and remove)

- XBert Automation (align XBerts to Processes)

As well as access charts in the client console.

Any CONNECT users and client users with Non-Admin access can only see their user profile settings. This restricts the settings in both connect portal and each client console.

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