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Overview: Client Connections
Overview: Client Connections

Simplifying the management and configuration of your accounting software integrations.

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We have moved the connection settings by dedicating a tab to Connections.

This tab simplifies the management and configuration of your accounting software integrations.

With this, you can now conveniently set up and manage connections. This ensures seamless data synchronization between XBert and your accounting software.

Let's explore the key features, in order of appearance, within the Connections section:

Easily Access the Work list or Client Console

By hovering over the name of a client file, a link to both a sorted Work list or the client console of a client will appear:

This feature will help you easily access these options so that you can maximise your efficiency with your workflow.


Within this column, you can see the accounting software used to sync a client's files.

If your client's file is connected using Xero, you can open a client's Xero Dashboard by simply clicking on the Xero logo.


This shows you whether a client file is connected or not.

If a client is not connected, you can click on the Connect icon to connect the client or leave it as is.

For connected clients, only a checkmark icon appears.

Payroll and Fixed Assets

You can check if a client's payroll and fixed assets are connected or unavailable in this column.

Account Dashboard

This feature allows you to access the Xero Dashboard of a client.

You can only access the Xero Dashboard with clients who are connected through Xero, these clients will have an icon of an arrow in a box in this column.

Non-connected clients or clients from different accounting software will have a - icon.

Clicking on the icon of the arrow in a box allows you to easily navigate to the Xero dashboard of a client if connected to Xero.

XPM and XPM Dashboard

Under the XPM Dashboard, you can access the XPM Dashboard of clients linked to an XPM Client by clicking on the icon of an arrow in a box.

In the XPM column, you can link a client file to an XPM Client by clicking the - icon.

You can also change the XPM Client for a connected client file to a different XPM Client by clicking on the checkmark icon displayed for connected clients in the XPM column and selecting a new XPM Client from the pop-up.


The icon under this section is a Client Report Link - A quick link to the client reports section in XBert. This allows you to access detailed reports and insights specific to each client.


This feature lets you view and manage user access, Client Console settings, Client Console users, rename a client, disconnect payroll for a client file and delete a client.

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