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How To: Create a Task or Template Task from the Work Board
How To: Create a Task or Template Task from the Work Board

For when you need to add a one-off or ad-hoc task for yourself or your team member.

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You can easily create a one-off task from the Work board. You can create it from a Template or from scratch, assign it to a team member, and set a Due Date.

  1. On the Work board, select + Add Task.

  2. Creating a task from one of your existing Templates allows you to import the Step Number, Group Name, Title, Description, Process, Subtasks, and Attachments.

    Select: Create from template.

    Select one of your Templates from the drop-down selector.

    Choose 'Populate all fields' to use all fields from the Templates or 'Populate only blank fields' if you have some fields you have filled and want the remaining fields from the template.

    You will see the fields populate from the Template according to your choice, you can now keep these details as is or edit them for this one-off task.

  3. Step Number - If you have a task that you need to split across multiple steps, this will partner with the Group Name.

  4. Group Name can be used if you have Steps within a group, these will show up as e.g. BAS Step 1 and BAS Step 2. These are both OPTIONAL.

  5. Task Title is required and will be the name that displays on the Work list items and the Task Tile.

  6. Add a Resolve Link here to quickly access an external website directly from the Task.

  7. The Description will appear as the main description of the Task.
    Use the Template description or enter your description in the text editor field. You can format using the editing tools as well as add hyperlinks in this section.

  8. Subtasks will appear as tickable checkboxes within the task. Subtasks will be imported from a Template if selected, you can now edit these or add your own.

    Select Add to add a new subtask and enter the name.

    Use the Reorder icon to change the order of subtasks.

    Use the Bin icon to delete.

    1. Subtasks can include Additional Information. Select the i icon to open the field, enter your additional information, and then the i icon again to close.

  9. Assign the task to a Role or an individual User.

    1. Role allows you to choose between the Partner, Manager, Acc / Bkkpr and Client Contact Role.
      Remember to set up your Roles for each client on the Client board so each task gets correctly assigned.

    2. Individual User allows you to assign directly to your team member.

  10. Client selection - Choose from the drop-down list or use the Search function.

  11. Process - Every task must sit under one of the existing processes. If created from a Template, it will include the Process. Otherwise, select a process from the drop-down list.

  12. Add a Status for the task to easily find it when sorting your tasks. Select a Status from the drop-down bar.

  13. You can also add Attachments - eg. files

  14. Set a Start Date and Due Date.

  15. Add an Estimated Time as well if you'd like to plan it out according to your work schedule.

  16. To make this task a Priority task select the priority tick box.

  17. Once you're done filling up all the required details of your task, click Save

  18. Your task will now appear on your Work Board. You will be able to find it by Date, Process, and Client. Like all other tasks, there will be a summary in your Work list which will let you open the tile to action.

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