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How To: Delete Your XBert Account
How To: Delete Your XBert Account

For deleting trial or paying accounts permanently from XBert

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You can Delete a Trial account or Paying account on XBert.
​Note: Deleting an account will remove all data of that account permanently.

Make sure you don't want to instead Delete a Client, Remove Team Members, Delete a Schedule or Delete a Task.

To Delete your XBert account:

  1. Go to the Panel Menu (hamburger icon).

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select CONNECT Settings from the left menu.

  4. You will see all the details of your XBert registration, the Delete option is at the bottom.

  5. Click the red Cancel your account and schedule for deletion button, you will need to confirm on the next page.
    ​Note: Deleting an account will remove all data from that account permanently.

  6. A page will appear that shows you the option to speak to a team specialist for assistance, your ROI from using XBert and a redirect link to Client Introduction Assets.

    Click on Continue to Cancellation at the bottom of this page if you'd still like to proceed.

  7. Select your reasons for Deleting your account and provide a short explanation of your decision. Then, click on Schedule Deletion.

  8. Lastly, enter the name of your CONNECT Portal, tick the box that says 'I acknowledge I am authorised to delete this account.' and click on Schedule Cancellation to proceed. You can also click on the box that says 'Call me in the future' if you'd like for us to contact you after.

  9. You can stop the account deletion from taking place by clicking on the red notice in the top right corner of your CONNECT Portal.

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