Overview: Roles

To streamline role management, we have introduced a separate Roles tab.

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This page will allow you to manage and configure roles for your team members efficiently.
By centralizing role management, you can assign permissions and control access to sensitive information, ensuring smooth collaboration within your accounts.

To import XPM Client Roles, click on the Actions button on the top right above the list of your Clients.

Here, you can import your XPM client roles for the Partner and Manager roles in XBert for client files.

Let's explore the key features, in order of appearance, within the Roles section:

Easily Access the Work List or Client Console

By hovering over the name of a client file, a link to both a sorted Work list or the Client Console of a client will appear:

This feature will help you easily access these options so that you can maximise your efficiency with your workflow.

Default Roles for Unassigned

This feature allows you to view and manage default roles for all unassigned email tasks and XBerts of a client.

This feature is useful for easily managing the workflow of your team members.

Connect Roles

You can use these features to view and assign Roles for Connect Users in Client files.

You can easily set a new team member for every one of these roles by simply clicking on the - icon or the icon of a team member who has already been assigned.

Client Roles

With this feature, you can designate roles for Client Users.


With this feature, you can easily view and manage user access, client console settings, and client console users. In addition, you can rename non-connected client files as well as delete a client if needed.


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