Client and User Deletion FAQs

Frequently asked questions surrounding the deletion of client files on certain plans.

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I’m on a monthly plan - I want to delete individual connected clients - does a credit note apply?

No. Pro-rata credits are not applied. When you delete a connected file, it will be scheduled for deletion at the end of the day before your next billing period calculation. You were pro-rata charged when connecting the file.

What happens to the client Data when I delete an individual client?

The client data will be deleted on your next billing date. All Client data, accounting connections, tasks and notes will be deleted and unrecoverable. Consider copying or saving any reports, notes or tasks before deleting.

I’m on a monthly plan - I want to delete my client now and not wait for the next billing period.

Yes. You can go to the client summary on the plans page and delete it now. This will forfeit any remaining subscription for this connected client.


I’m on Annual - If I delete individual connected client files - will a pro-rata credit apply?

No. Credit notes will not apply. Your account including all connected file plans has benefited from the Annual discount and any initial pro-rata discount at the time of connection. Please refer to the terms and conditions on annual pricing agreed to on Sign-up.

If I Buy an Annual Plan and cancel before my annual renewal do I get a refund, or partial refund?

No. Annual plans are fixed for 12-month periods. You have financially benefited from annual discounts on connected file plans and user plans. Please refer to the agreed terms and conditions. If you want your data deleted before your subscription ends, please delete all your clients and tasks.

If you are requesting Account termination after your initial 12 months subscription period ends you must supply 30 days notice. Credits will be calculated with a 20% reduction, accounting for the annual discounts on connected files and user plans. Please refer to your agreed Terms and Conditions, clause 19.

I am on an Annual Account and want to cancel - Do I need to give Notice?

Yes. 30 days' notice is required as outlined in our terms and conditions.

Your account has a fixed term of 12 months on an annual plan and no refunds.


What happens when I delete a user?

The user will be deleted from your account. A pro-rata credit will be applied for the remainder of your billing period.

What happens when I delete a user and add a new one immediately?

A pro-rata credit will be applied for the remainder of your billing period. Then adding a user will be pro-rata charged as well.

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