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To add a client user, first, you must turn on their Client Console in the Client Settings page - the third page option in the Clients board.

On the Settings page, turn on the Client Consoles that you plan on inviting clients to.

Click the icon under the Console Link column to open the Client Console for the client you would like to add client users.

You must invite Client Users into a Client Console, and they must accept and set up their user details before they can be selected for the Client role.

Click here to learn how to set up your roles.

You may invite one user or multiple users for each client file to become a user in their XBert Client Console.

To assign a Client Role to a Client User, you must go to the Client Roles page. This is the second page option on the Clients board.

From here, click on the - icon under the "Client:" roles and click on the name of your client to assign them the role.

If you don't have Clients available for the Client file, this pop-up will appear instead.

From here, clicking on "Where is everyone?" will redirect users to this article and you can toggle the Client Console with the Off/On buttons.

If Client Console is turned on, clicking on "Manage Client Users" will redirect you to the Client Console user page for the Client file.

Clients will not be able to access your Practice Connect Portal.

There are Tasks and XBert visibility settings on the Client Settings page as well. You can choose to hide XBerts and tasks from clients here.

Note: Make sure you only invite clients to their Client Console

You don't want to invite them to the CONNECT Portal, this is just for your internal team. Invite them once you are in the Clients Console.

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