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How To: Assign a Recurring Task to a Client
How To: Assign a Recurring Task to a Client

For setting recurring tasks that are assigned to the client user.

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You can set up recurring tasks for your clients. This means the task will be created on a recurring schedule. Your Client can log in to XBert to action these.

Before you follow the tutorial in this article, make sure you've invited your client in via the Client Console and set the Client Contact role on the Clients board.

  1. Go to the Automation board and Create a Template or Select an existing one.

  2. Add a Schedule to your Template.

  3. When selecting a Role on the Schedule, select Client Contact.

    Select the client and the recurring details for the Schedule then save.

    This will create ongoing recurring tasks assigned to your Client user, they will receive an email notifying them to log in to XBert and action these items.

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