Conditions and Actions

Create XBert rules per client or across your practice!

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You can access XBert rules by clicking on Automation, then selecting the XBert Automation, and selecting the XBert you want to configure.

Using the rules icon to add or manage existing rules.

XBert Rules Explanation

Rules (with Conditions and Actions)

Rules can be created to modify your XBerts, based on their fields, across your practice or per client.

Certain XBerts can be only created when they match your rules. This allows you to control what XBerts are created. Having no Created Rules will mean you will not see any of this type of XBert until they match a rule.

Only 16 XBerts are affected by these changes:

Some steps are performed on each generated XBert, each step can be a group of Conditions or an Action that you can customise.


Conditions are decisions you can set on an XBert to continue down the steps or decide whether an action should be run.

Example of a Condition

How to configure a condition

  • Select which clients or select All Clients to have this run for all.

    This is where you decide which clients you would like to include in the conditions. If your condition matches, the actions will be run for the clients you have selected. You have the following choices -

    • All Clients / All Remaining Clients

    • Selected Clients

      • Only continue if for a selected client

      • Can only select clients that the XBert is applicable for

        • Currently only shows clients that the XBert works in

  • Build your condition by adding conditions

    • Only continue if the field, operator, and value match

      • Number

        • Operators

          • greater than

          • greater than or equal to

          • less than

          • less than or equal to

        • Value

          • A manual number above 0

      • Duration

        • Operators

          • greater than

          • less than

        • Value

          • Any positive whole number

      • String

        • Operators

          • equals

          • does not equal

          • contains

          • does not contain

          • starts with

          • ends with

          • is empty

          • is not empty

        • Value

          • Anything, max 100 characters


Actions are what you would like to happen to the XBert when your conditions are true. This will happen to all XBerts that belong to the clients you have selected this to run for.

Actions change properties on the XBert.

  • Status

    • Set the status of the XBert

  • Assign

    • Set the assigned user of the XBert

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