How To: Clone a Template

To make a copy of any existing template

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You can easily make a copy of an existing template which will save you time setting up a whole new template.

If you want a template that is specific to a client you may be able to achieve this using Notes instead.

If you want the same template to run at different times, you can achieve this with Schedules.

  1. Select the Template that you want to delete on the Automation board of the CONNECT Portal.

    The Template Details Tile will open up.

  2. Click on the Copy Template icon.

  3. You will get a message letting you know the Template is copied, click to open the copy.

  4. The Template will be called 'Copy of' and you must Save it before leaving the page.

    The Cloned Template will now appear in your Templates list and is ready to be Edited or Scheduled.

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