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Overview: Client Groups

For organising and sorting clients by your own custom Client Group.

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You can easily Create custom Groups for your Clients and use these for sorting and segmenting your Clients.

  1. To create the Client Groups, go to the panel menu on the top right of your screen.

  2. Select Settings

  3. From the Settings menu, select Client Groups.

  4. Create a new Client Group, type the name of the group and click the + icon.

  5. Edit a Client Group by clicking on the name of a group and typing in the new name.
    ​Changing a Client Group will update the group on every client that has been included in that group.

  6. Reorder the Client Groups, this will reorder the items in the drop-down list so put your most used groups at the top of the list for ease.

  7. Delete a client group by selecting the Bin icon.

  8. Once your Client Groups have been created, Group your Clients via the Clients Board.

    In the Clients board, select the Client Settings page, the second page option of the Clients board, located on the left-hand side of your screen.

    In the Client Groups column (first column), click on the number of groups of a client for the pop-up to appear and select as many groups as you'd like to add your client to.

  9. Use Client Groups on the Work board in Filters to filter by Client Group.

  10. You can also use Client Groups when adding a Client to a Template Schedule.

    At the top of the Client list, select the Filter icon.

  11. From here, select a Client Group that you want to apply the Schedule to. All clients with that Client Group applied will be added to the Schedule.

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