Custom XBerts Using AI

Giving you more control with the XBerts you need.

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You can now build your own Custom XBerts using the new XBert Intelligence AI. This is a new way of unlocking your knowledge and building what you want to match your practice needs.

Let's walk through this process -

Firstly, you need to select the area in which you are looking to solve a problem in.

Think of this as the type of information you want to provide instructions to the AI to solve your problem.

Once you select your area, you’ll be redirected to this page. You can type your instructions under “What would you like to be alerted on from within the data area?” and click Let's go.

You'll be informed to select the client you'd like to test the prompt on, select the client and click Continue. Then you'll need to pick either Any Matches or No Matches. XBert Intelligence will do the rest.

After you hit Yes or Build, you’ll then be able to see the Approach and Description according to your prompt.

Hit Test, and then you'll see the Test Results and Summary. Once you're satisfied with the results, click on Configure.

You'll be redirected to XBert Configuration, you can now name what your XBert will appear as. Use the [ key to display the tokens that will be used from the area where you are building your Custom XBert.

You can then add Subtasks, Process, Status, select the Role it will be assigned to, the Estimated Time, Due Date, Risk Level, Risk Type, Business Function and Alert Type.

The alerts will be created on the next sync once set to Active.

TIP – You can edit your instructions or prompts to fit better what you’re looking for.

Custom XBerts Objects and Properties

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