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Create Your XBerts with User Rules
Create Your XBerts with User Rules

Giving you more control with the XBerts you need.

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Certain XBerts can be only created when they match your rules. This allows you to control what XBerts are created. Having no Created Rules will mean you will not see any of this type of XBert until they match a rule.

Only 6 XBerts are affected by these changes:

You can now create new XBerts only made when you add a User Created Type to them. These types let you set conditions to decide when an XBert should be generated. It means you'll only get alerts that truly matter to you and your business.

You can add actions to these User-Created Types that will be applied after the XBert is created, but to keep it simple, XBert User-Created Types can also have existing rules and default settings.

For more information on Conditions and Actions, click here.

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